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A Mexican & Latin Experience at Sazón

A Mexican & Latin Experience at Sazón

Mexican food, with its bold, rich, and spicy flavors, is an American favorite. Adding the influence of Latin cuisine to the mix, ranging from small, coastal Central American countries to the mountain ranges of South America, Sazón provides a genuinely unique Mexican and Latin experience for their guests.

Fresh Ingredients for Vibrant Flavor

Mexican and Latin cuisine has big, bold flavors in common and spices like cumin, cilantro, and chiles. These are all ingredients that make you sit up and take notice. Plus, the key to all good flavor (that packs a punch) is the use of fresh ingredients. None of those grocery store-bought pre-mixed packages of seasonings and pastes will ever provide the authentic taste found in Latin kitchens. Cumin, ancho chili powder, smoked paprika, Adobo seasoning, etc., all provide far more fresh and vibrant flavors.

Agricultural Practices and Crops Strongly Influence Cuisine

Mexican and Latin food are highly diverse and feature a wide range of options from coastal delicacies to food from the mountains and from niche recipes originating in small villages to the wide range of street food available in large cosmopolitan cities. The agricultural practices and crops grown in each country and region have strong influences on its cuisine. For example, many Mexican dishes include a variety of beans that grow in abundance in Mexico. However, other Central and South American countries do not use beans in their cooking. Instead, they use other crops like yucca, plantain, and palm flowers in their Central and South American dishes.

European Influence on Central and South American Dishes

Central and South American cuisine has European influences from Spain and Portugal. Think of Brazilian-style barbecued meats, Columbian Arepas, Cuban steak sandwiches and Ropa Vieja, Peruvian seafood stews, and Argentina’s famous chimichurri and grilled steak. These food traditions have no doubt inspired menu selections at Sazón.

European meat and cheese processing are also more substantial in Central and South American foods, drawing deeply from the Spanish charcuterie traditions of cured meats (like chorizo) and cheeses. If you happen to be at Sazón during these musings, be sure to ask your server about our Fiambreria to get an authentic taste.

Experience Sazón in Lonetree, CO

At Sazón, we aim to offer our guests a unique combination of family, fun, friends, and fiesta through our carefully selected menu. Every item on our menu has been crafted with care and deliberation to marry food innovation with flavor and texture, forming unique plates of food.

The fitting Spanish proverb, Mi Casa Es Tu Casa (My House Is Your House), is a heartfelt and hospitable way of saying, welcome to our table. A remarkable aspect of Latin food tradition is sharing this love of the foods we grow, harvest, prepare, and cook to enjoy with our families, friends, and community. Every meal is a celebration of family and community and sharing age-old traditions of the foods we love undeniably gives us great pleasure. We truly relish the idea of providing our guests with this Mexican and Latin experience.

So the next time you crave Mexican or Latin American food, challenge yourself to think beyond tacos, burritos, and quesadillas and come to Sazón to cherish the flavors of authentic Mexican and Latin American cooking.

Call Sazón at (303) 627-5741 to place an order or to book a reservation.

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